1. Statio VI

  2. Statio V - Jacob’s Ladder

  3. Statio IV

  4. Statio III

  5. Statio IIa

  6. Statione II

  7. Come and see - Station Ia

  8. Statione I

  11. Game of thrones

  12. Stalker

  13. This war cemetery contains the remains of 472 Soviet soldiers and officers of the 21th Army and 1st Ukranian Front in 40 mass graves and 1 individual grave. They fell between February and March 1945 in the region. There are plaques at the entrance and obelisk in Russian and Polish with the following words enscribed:

    "Eternal fame for the heroes of the Red Army who fell for our motherland, 1945."

  15. Former chapel, todays ruin.