1. Out of step.

  2. Each year several thousand of people take a photo of that tree. Some pines are 550 years old. Sokolica 747 m n.p.m.

  3. Wrocław 1980

  4. Schneegruben

  5. Gruss aus Gontkowitz

  6. Abandoned pub.

  7. 70 years ago this palace belongs to family von Haydebrand und der Lassa. Today is totally ruined.

  8. Ruined mausoleum family von Heydebrand und der Lasa.

  9. We Are Idols, Government Flu @ CRK, Wrocław, 14.08.2014



  10. Kolęda (germ. Kollande)

  11. The Mill and the Cross

  12. Abandoned Athletics Stadium in Wroclaw.

  13. Throw the ball, man!

  14. Abandoned football stadium in Wroclaw.

  15. Abandoned swimming pool in Wroclaw. Part 4.