1. I’w watching you.

  2. Abandoned mountain hut somewhere in Sudety mountains.

  3. Abandoned sport hall in Wrocław.

  4. Abandoned swimming poll - Wrocław #3

  5. Hc/punk gig in Wroclaw @ 12.07.2014

    Heatseeker/Fight Them All/Blind Authority




  6. Train Song.

  7. Last City Zero

  8. Closely Observed Trains.

  9. Abandoned boiler house somewhere in Wroclaw.

  10. Hier ruht in Gott.

  11. Another sad train

  12. Mystery Train

  13. A little cemetery in the middle of forest in mountain.

  14. Abandoned swimming pool - Wroclaw #2

  15. Another former german, ewangelic cemetery in small village name Wronow. I thought that i would found soldier graveyard from Great War. But the village on the same name is on the other part of Poland. What a mistake :)!