1. Abandoned football stadium in Wroclaw.

  2. Abandoned swimming pool in Wroclaw. Part 4.

  3. Old church from XV/XVI centuries in Makowice (Lower Silesia/Poland)

  4. Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

  5. I’w watching you.

  6. Abandoned mountain hut somewhere in Sudety mountains.

  7. Abandoned sport hall in Wrocław.

  8. Abandoned swimming poll - Wrocław #3

  9. Hc/punk gig in Wroclaw @ 12.07.2014

    Heatseeker/Fight Them All/Blind Authority




  10. Train Song.

  11. Last City Zero

  12. Closely Observed Trains.

  13. Abandoned boiler house somewhere in Wroclaw.

  14. Hier ruht in Gott.

  15. Another sad train